Weds Sport

Weds was first established in 1965 as Nippo LTD. Deliver of new car to Nissan Motor Sales Co., LTD. In 1969 the company engaged as a custom wheel supplier in Western Japan with “Elster” brand. In 1973 the company expanded and was renamed as WEDS (World Elster Distribution System), creating the first centralized distribution system supplying many of Japan's growing automotive parts market. In 1977 Weds developed and sold the first 3 Piece Forged wheel called “Racing Forged” and participated in the “Minor Touring Car Race” as a testing ground for the development of its racing wheel program.

In 1979 enter the sales of the one-piece aluminum wheel market. Due to the growth of the Japanese automotive industry and the expansion of Japanese aftermarket rim manufacturing, Weds has decided to participate in a higher form of motorsport racing... in 1984 the birth of Weds Sport began. They started out in Gr.A and gradually moved to JTCC (All Japan Touring Car Championship) and are currently participating in the famous Super GT series, winning the GT300 class in 2009 and working to capturing the current GT500 class. Weds strongly believes the participation of motorsport racing has brought them valuable information and know-how that translated to producing high quality consumer goods.


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