JRZ USA is the product of two of the world's premiere performance specialists, TPC Racing and JRZ Suspension Engineering of the Netherlands, joining forces. With JRZ Suspension's top-tier suspension products, and TPC Racing's extensive racing and engineering background, JRZ USA is here to provide solutions for the serious driver.

With TPC Racing's professional racing roots dating back to the early Motorola Cup Racing Series in 1993, Michael Levitas and TPC Racing quickly gained a reputation for building competitive race cars, quickly rising through the ranks to become a top race engineer and a successful racecar driver. At about the same time in 1994, JRZ Suspension of the Netherlands was just getting their start. Though they were a new company at the time, thanks to a long history of working with many different types of dampers, from Formula Ford to sports cars, buses to tracked amoured vehicles, the engineers at JRZ Suspension came out of the gates swinging with innovative new damper designs that would help shape today's damper market.

In 1997, TPC Racing and JRZ Suspension Engineering Netherlands came together in collaboration to form JRZ USA. This partnership provided JRZ Suspension with a facility in the US to function as a service and R&D center, and as a hub to help introduce customers from the Americas to the performance dampers that JRZ has to offer. At JRZ USA we are able to draw from our inhouse racing programs, as well as from customers, to continually refine our products to produce the most competitive dampers on the market.

What started with one car at JRZ USA/TPC Racing, soon burgeoned to a full, 4 car, racing team, all running the most cutting edge JRZ hardware. The result; 26 race wins with 43 podiums and counting for TPC Racing's in house racing program, and many more for our customer race teams. This includes a string of 3 victories at the Grand Am Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona from 2006-2009. JRZ USA is still busy today with our ever expanding product lines and expanding race support for customers.

JRZ USA is the official damper supplier of both the Porsche Cayman Interseries, and the Cayman ITC Racing Series, and is the #1 choice for race teams, at every level of motorsport, around the world.


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