MRR Design… Synonymous with Safety, Quality and Style, and Committed to Excellence...

Wheels… They define the safety and comfort of your ride. Thus, when you set out to make your purchase you expect to get the finest goods in terms of quality, design, and price. MRR Design understands this and are proud to give you nothing but the best.

MRR Design strives to ensure they can provide what you need. They utilize the latest technology, precision CNC machine tools and the best coating equipment for the finest finishes. Every wheel manufactured at MRR Design is individually tested for quality and performance in addition to compliance to a variety of high standards prior to shipment. They also update their equipment continually and introduce innovative products so as to provide the latest in technology. Their wheels blend quality, style, strength and affordability, and their superior quality goods are backed by service and extensive support. Wheels at MRR Design are built and tested for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. As an added credit, the wheels they manufacture are tested by Vehicle Inspection Association and Japanese Light Weight Alloy.


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