Although Hamann Motorsports is very well known and very prestigious in Europe and other parts of the world, their profile in the USA and Canada has not been very prominent in recent years... Until now.

All Hamann products are designed and made to the highest exacting standards in Europe. Nothing is outsourced or produced from outside of Europe. The quality is outstanding, and is of OEM levels. All assemblies are put together at the 10,000 square meter Hamann workshops in Laupheim, Germany (near Stuttgart and Munich) before shipping to ensure proper fit. Detailed instructions are included with each individual part to eliminate any confusion during assembly. All replacement body parts and exhausts utilize factory mounting points. Exhausts never require any welding during assembly. Spacers always come with the proper lugnuts to ensure proper and safe fit. Stock body work never needs modifications to accommodate Hamann wheels in their recommended wheel/tire combinations.


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