Founded in 2009 by brilliant marketing entrepreneur Jordan Swerdloff, Miami-based Advance One Wheels, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of luxury bespoke wheels for the automotive industry.

Distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide, the ADV.1 brand has become synonymous with leading edge style, precision engineering and marketing dominance in the ultra premium segment of the highly competitive international wheel industry.

Famous for its aggressive wheel fitments that literally change the personality of the vehicle, ADV.1 has invested heavily in the engineering infrastructure required to support the modification of performance and luxury vehicles costing from fifty thousand to more than a million dollars. The company operates engineering facilities in Colorado, Florida and California in support of these initiatives.

The company’s corporate headquarters, design facilities and sales offices are located in Miami, Florida. ADV.1 manufacturing, assembly and quality operations are based in Los Angeles, California.

ADV.1 offers a huge variety of wheel sizes, styles, configurations and finishes. This palette of choices allows the consumer, in cooperation with a skilled worldwide dealer network, to choose a wheel combination that fits his or her sense of style while knowing that these choices are backed by world class engineering and manufacturing prowess.

Over the past six years, ADV.1’s combination of style, engineering, finishing and brilliant marketing has proven irresistible to consumers and dealers alike. The company literally dominates the premium wheel segment, capturing market share from long-entrenched competitors who lack the sense of style and the marketing skills necessary to compete globally with luxury consumers who are motivated by brand, style and company image.


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